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WHAT? If you have no idea where to start with us, you've found the right page! Our online, foundations course is intended as either a standalone course or as a pre-cursor to our live, hands on, Level 1, 2-day Instructor Training. Students who successfully "test out" of the Online Foundations course will be allowed to attend only Day 2 of the Level 1 Instructor Training.

Like all of our courses, this is taught using the science of motor learning and motor control--the language of tomorrow's industry leaders. Students will learn the basic unique, foundational, power, and traditional lifts as well as become familiar with innovative applications of kettlebell training in the areas of personal training and semi-private instruction. Participants will also learn some basic principles around the unique and highly functional biomechanical, neurological, and physiological principals of KB training and how they radically differ from other modalities.


WHO? This course was created and narrated entirely by KBC's Director of Education, Vincent Metzo. Vince is also the Dean of the Advanced Personal Training Program at the highly regarded Swedish Institute as well as the creator of KBC's Level 2 Instructor Training.


HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM LEVEL 1?  Aside from the obvious difference of being online, this course adds additional depth to the biomechanics and motor learning foundations applied to teaching and coaching kettlebells. The Online Foundations course also focuses on programming kettlebells for use in a one-on-one setting whereas the live, Level 1 Instructor Training Course focuses on small group personal trainer programming with kettlebells. 


IF I TOOK LEVEL 1, WHAT WILL I LEARN FROM FOUNDATIONS? If you're not doing small group personal training (SGPT) after taking Level 1 and haven't attempted the KBC Challenge of leveraging your time and income, then Foundations will help you put your kettlebell knowledge, skils, and abilities to work in the one-on-one setting. If you never took or didn't pass the written exam after Level 1, the Foundations course will give you more time and depth with the scientific basis for utilizing kettlebells in a safe, relevant and effective way.


WHAT DO I GET? Immediate access to over 2 hours of video and lectures. Course also comes with a downloadable, 100+ page course manual. 


HOW DO I TEST OUT? You must complete all the quizzes successfully plus submit a video to the KBC office for final evaluation.


DO I 'NEED' A KETTLEBELL CERT TO USE THEM WITH MY CLIENTS? From Vince Metzo, our Director of Education: "Yes and no. There is no law that says you must be trained in a specific modality to use it with your clients if you are a nationally certified trainer. You didn't have to take a separate dumbbell, barbell, machine, and elastic band/tube cert did you? However, this article shows you that insurance companies and employers are getting more and more wary of hiring and defending in court trainers that don't have hands on practical training. So, to cover yourself and your club we highly recommend doing both the online and at least the one day live training to show reasonable expertise with the kettlebell, its instruction and programming before using them or allowing them to be used with members/clients at your facility. Additionally choosing a training course with both written and practical tests and sending in you technique videos for grading is recommended."

WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE? *Personal trainers, Group Exercise Instructors, Pilates, Yoga or other fitness professionals who hold a related degree and/or are accredited though ACE, NSCA, NASM, ACSM, NFPT, NCSF, or other primary certifying bodies. If you've always wanted to attend a live training with KBC but just couldn't make it happen (or your facility couldn't make it happen) this is perfect!


Although not mandatory, the student does (upon completion of the course) have the option of submitting a video for evaluation to the KBC corporate office. If the applicant successfully completes the quizzes and video evaluation, they will also be listed on the KBC Instructor Locator as a "KBC Foundations Level" instructor.

*Mind-Body professionals (Pilates, Yoga, Gyrotonic, etc) who are interested in supplementing their practices that will help their clients increase performance, decrease injury, increase strength, and "move fluidly through a resisted environment." - Dr. Ted Keating


No credential of any kind will be offered to those who do not hold a primary certification.

*Although this course is meant for fitness professionals, it is also appropriate for the general consumer/fitness enthusiast who wishes to learn more about the kettlebell and to "dive a little deeper."